Peggy Cohen

Peggy Cohen, LM, CPM

I love my job! Every aspect of pregnancy, birth and nurturing a newborn is beautiful and amazing to me. As a midwife, I recognize that everyone is unique. I’m dedicated to meeting individuals with respect, giving them comprehensive care and meaningful guidance.
I’ve delivered hundreds of babies and trained dozens of midwives. I adore those lives that have touched mine. I’m also grateful for the background that has brought me where I am today. I graduated from Ohio University with high honors and did my midwifery studies at the Seattle Midwifery School. Since my graduation, their midwifery program has merged with Bastyr University. It is the most prestigious midwifery program in the country. I realize now how important this decision was for me. I have learned from some of the best midwives who have transformed the options of birthing in this country.

The approach I have to my job is that pregnancy and birth are healthy. The childbearing process is a natural and normal part of being a human being. In that process, a woman does best with compassionate support, careful monitoring and appropriate assistance. That pretty much sums up the work I do.  

I am the senior midwife at Full Spectrum Midwifery and can’t say enough about the wonderful women I have working with me to make it all run smoothly. Lindsay Gillies, LM, CPM is our international woman of wonder and Shari Corr is our marvelous masseuse and midwife student. We make an incredible team! Our office is at 1 Main Street, Suite 208, in Burlington, while the area we serve is anywhere within a 1 ½ hour drive of Burlington.

We enjoy sharing current information with families and helping them learn and grow throughout our time together. We also pride ourselves in our ability to network with other providers and community supporters (i.e. prenatal yoga, massage therapists, childbirth classes, pediatricians, other midwives and doctors…). It’s our hope that everyone coming through our care can look back and say “That was great! We felt so well taken care of and supported during the birth of our baby.”


  • Free consultation visit
  • Individualized maternity care
  • Specializing in natural birth
  • Well pregnancy acupuncture (with Stewart Cohen L.Ac. Ph.D)
  • Water birth and birth tub rentals
  • VBAC at home
  • Lactation consulting

Contact Information

Peggy Cohen, CPM, LM
Full Spectrum Midwifery
1 Main Street, Suite 208
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 860-2229

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