Become a VMA Member

How to Become a Vermont Midwives Association Member

There are four types of membership with the Vermont Midwives Association and they are as follows: 
  1. active voting member
  2. active associate member
  3. active student member
  4. inactive/supporting member
If you are interested, you can find out which is appropriate for you. 

We welcome new ideas and new members! Those who are interested in becoming a member can send an email to:

Here you will find out the schedule of meetings, get an invitation to our social networking group at bigtent, and get instruction on how to pay your dues.

Why Become a VMA Member?

Members of the VMA benefit from joining a community with a common interest. We are invested in improving maternity care and providing choices to families who are seeking midwifery care. Membership with the VMA provides a platform for social interaction via in person meetings, phone meetings and a social networking site. One of the benefits of being a VMA member is the listing on the VMA website. This opportunity is for those who are state licensed or state certified. The website is where many families find a midwife to work with for their care.

Membership Status & Dues

The price of becoming a member includes a fee of $35, $50, or $250 and/or participation in at least one committee, service on the VMA board or advisor to OPR. There is also a requirement to attendance at a certain number of meetings. The idea behind these requirements is to encourage participation. We have found that our overall group benefits by participation by all of its members. 
  • Active voting member - $50.00

  • Active associate member - $50.00

  • Active student member - $35.00

  • Inactive member -  $250.00
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