Erin Ryan

Erin Ryan, LM, CPM

I have been working in central Vermont as a licensed midwife since 2001. In that time I have supported over 900 families through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum process, both in the US and Bali, Indonesia. My years of experience have shown me how to keep birth safe while honoring each woman and baby’s unique experience.  

Midwifery is more than home birth. It is personalized care. Each visit is approximately an hour ensuring that all your questions are answered. I work closely with you to educate you on the options and support your decisions. I am committed to supporting better journeys to motherhood and beyond.  

My fascination with birth started at a young age. A Laura Wilder fan, I was curious about how pioneer women delivered their babies on the frontier. Life led me from Little House on the Prairie to the University of California at Berkeley. After graduating, I immediately began pursuing midwifery, working as a volunteer doula at the county hospital, and later attending and graduating from the National Midwifery Institute. While gaining a strong academic foundation, I trained as all good midwives traditionally have, through apprenticeship with some of the best. My eduction did not end there; I continue to learn through research, consulting with midwives and other medical professionals and most importantly from the wisdom of mothers. I pass this knowledge along to my colleagues and clients to continue improving birth experiences for women everywhere.  

Teaching and sharing my knowledge and skills have been integral to my practice. I have trained many midwives in Central Vermont and elsewhere, I have spoken at colleges and I have taught workshops internationally. I always teach that safe is not enough. While the birth of a child is an amazing transition for the entire family, it need not be one of trauma. We have the knowledge to keep birth safe and now we need to go beyond that to also include love and respect in all aspects of our care. It is a simple shift in consciousness that can bring love, kindness and thoughtfulness to each labor and birth.  

When I am not midwifing I am with my incredibly supportive family. My husband and I are raising 3 awesome boys who were all born at home with midwives.   

For more information about my philosophy and background please visit my website: Starry Night Midwife


  • Free consultation visit
  • Individualized maternity care
  • Specializing in natural birth
  • Well pregnancy acupuncture (with Stewart Cohen L.Ac. Ph.D)
  • Water birth and birth tub rentals
  • VBAC at home
  • Lactation consulting

Contact Information

Erin Ryan LM, CPM
132 Main Street, Montpelier, VT., (802)272-9216,

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